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Akshay Kumar Biography

Akshay Kumar
Every one is aware that only dedicated and hard efforts will bring success in one's life and one of the strong and real examples to this is Akshay Kumar. This famous actor was born on 9th September, 1967 in Punjab. At the tender age itself, he was recognised as a great dancer and in his young age, he learnt martial art in Bangkok and mastered the art. Akshay Kumar came back to India and began to teach martial arts to interested students and one of his students happened to be a photographer and he suggested Akshay Kumar to try modelling.

Modelling gave this versatile actor to a big opening and he started his film career as an actor thanks to the chance given by the producer Mr Pramod Chakravarthi. Thereafter, there was no seeing back and Akshay Kumar shined as a great actor especially in action films and his knowledge about martial arts helped him a lot. At a later stage he proved himself to be a great actor and pleased the audience by performing a variety of roles in the field of romance and comedy and attracted the people by his scintillating performances.

As you are aware that achievements will always be awarded and Akshay Kumar was awarded the prestigious Padmashri award by the Government of India and in the year 2011, he was awarded for his outstanding achievements in Indian Films by Asian Film Awards. This great actor is married to Twinkle Khanna, who herself was an ex-actress and the daughter of famous actor couples Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia. Besides the above awards, he was awarded several awards and recognised on many occasions for his contribution to film industry.

Still going strong, it is wished that Akshay Kumar act in many outstanding films and make an impact among the film goers by his tremendous character acting.