Classic holiday club scams To Hurt, Other People Is Not A “Holiday”


Be sure of your agent
To enjoy a vacation is a great idea but one must take care to see that you do not end up as a loser or hurting other people. Of course, not every holiday and travel agent is genuine but one must beware. Vacationers who took up a holiday package from Classic Holidays talked of how they had a wonderful time. The travel and holiday agents were genuine.

Scam agents are present everywhere
This is not so with many other holiday agents. If you go to, you will see how scammers rob tourists. They exploit the good nature to grab the jewelry and valuables under any pretext. This may be a call for help – “Sir, my car has a flat tire.” Or they overlook necessary things – “I did not see it” when they exchange your currency and give you less change. In fact, one finds one reference to Classic Holidays as being a scam company! This is not true for this company is genuine and has lots of satisfied customers to back up their claim.

Signs of a scam
If you hear of classic holiday club scams check these facts first. One must look at the typical signs that show a scam. For one, the prices for the holiday and flight are much lesser than the industry average. Many scammers put a cheap logo for their site or inadequate payment options. This is because the banks refused to honor their payment methods.

Check the record
Again, most of the scam companies have a record. In the case of classic holiday club scams, you can check whether the company is genuine or not. Classic Holidays are a reputable and honest holiday and travel agents. You find scam companies activities all over the internet when they have scammed once. One must have a good holiday and do so without hurting anyone else.

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